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This site is a work in progress (March 2015) and at the moment I am not set up for online ordering - however I may do so if there is sufficient interest.

In the meantime If you wish to purchase a print (or several prints) please email me - igb[at]ian-brewerton - including the following information
- image number (if any) and title (from the gallery)
- size of print required (largest dimension only)
- how many copies you want
The maximum sensible size of a printed image will depend on the resolution, but as a rough guide most of the digital images on this size could be printed up to approximately 13" / 33cm longest side, which is getting for A3 size. In some cases where images have already been cropped a smaller maximum size will apply. In the case of images with a film origin the maximum size is more dependent on film grain, so I can't give hard and fast guidance. I will let you know before proceeding if you have requested a combination of print and size which may be unsuccesful. Once details are agreed I will contact you to arrange payment which can be by either cheque or bank transfer.   

The image resolution on-screen is lower than that of the original image, so don't try to download the image direct from the website !

Prints are supplied unmounted unmounted and delivered in postal rolls - flat packages are prone to picking up creases en route.


Prices are as follows (all dimensions refer to image size and are imperial /metric equivalents are approximate). A white margin is added to the dimensions shown to allow for mounting.
- largest dimension 7" / 18 cm £15.00 + p&p
- largest dimension 9" / 23 cm £20.00 + p&p
- largest dimension 11" / 28 cm £30.00 + p&p
- largest dimension 13" / 33 cm £45.00 + p&p
Sizes larger than this (assuming the image will stand the enlargement) will be printed by a specialist printer and subject to individual quotation.

Postage and packing will be added at current cost, and signed-for or special delivery is available at extra cost.

Prints made in-house use pigment-based Epson inks on heavy Permajet 'Oyster' paper (271 gm/sq m)
Independent testing suggest that this combination will achieve up to 95 years lifespan. However this depends on condition of mounting and display and is based on accelerated ageing tests, so no guarantee is offered.


For best results:
- mount it using pH neutral mounting board with pH neutral tape
- protect the image by placing it behind glass (or acrylic), and seal the joints at the rear of the frame using pH neutral tape.
Sealing the images into the frame is important because atmospheric pollution can significantly degrade images - though the  pigment-based inks used are believed to be more durable than dye-based inks
- and above all keep out of direct sunlight. Bright sunlight will destroy any print in months rather than years and even occasional sunlight will harm it.

If you wish to use an image in a publication please email your detailed requirements so I can prepare a quotation for you. Please include as much information as possible - a suggested list would include
- name and type of publication
- audited circulation
- proposed locaton of image
- proposed use of image i.e. advertising, (with product/brand details) / editorial / feature / cover illustration
The price will be much, much higher than the rates above ....

© Copyright

I retain copyright on all images and this lasts till 70 years after my death. I'm not planning on going any time soon...
None of theses images is currently available elsewhere.
Purchasing an image does not give you any right to make further copies using any material, medium. process or technique whatsoever.


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